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Growing / Improving The Green

Green improvements are usually carried out during the off season or any breaks that usually occur during the season. Time is generally spent in maintaining and protecting the green ensuring that an even and consistent grass cover is maintained while producing optimum playing conditions. Once the green is in play reliance is placed on all the good work that has been done either through renovations or pre-season work to ensure it plays to its potential.


Advice on areas of fine turf management includes how to deal with problems such as compaction and thatch, which root zone mixes and grass cultivars to use and what drainage is best for your club.


When it comes to pursuing reliable and efficient irrigation systems. We are the first to employ innovation to simplify your job. Our irrigation systems can be easily configured and customised to meet your specific irrigation demands.Many factors contribute towards a good green. The correct irrigation system is fundamental in greenkeeping and the preservation of a quality green


We offer maintenance contracts which cover all your bowling green and fine sports turf needs with our efficient, reliable and personal service. Our experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that we have become an established and trusted name throughout Scotland with a reputation for courteous, professional service.


Hollow tining is one form of Aeration. We can perform it in the spring time to allow soil temperature to rise quickly and to allow the surface to breathe with Solid or Hollow Tines or in late Summer/early Autumn just before the over seeding of turf.


The aim of scarifying is to produce a healthy vertical type growth of desirable grasses, to improve the turf surface and appearance. Top dressing is typically applied in the autumn after scarification and aeration and over seeding when around 8mm or 1/4 of an inch of material is applied and worked into the turf surface.


Lifting, repairing and re-laying edges & replacement of supports. One of the most important aspects of turf is the grass content and density but also as important, the turf edge where it meets a pathway


Our rolling/levelling operations are done to carefully consolidate the surface but not to the detrimental effect of air and water percolation and drainage and definitely not to over compact the soil beneath the grass.


Disease occurs during mid to late Summer and Autumn and can persist into mild winters, especially if the weather is humid and damp. Early and correct diagnosis is very important.


It is important to fertilize turf so as to encourage even and consistent growth, colour and plant health.


We offer flexible contracts over 12, 24 & 36 months, or seasonal cover (over the open season) which covers all your bowling green and fine sports turf needs


We provide landscaping and other garden services on request, just give us a call or email us using the contact form below.

About Us

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Queensferry Greencare Ltd

The proprietor, Raymond Reid, is a qualified Greenkeeper with thirty years experience of maintaining bowling greens.  He worked with the largest independent greenkeeping company in Edinburgh until starting on his own 11 years ago.  He now maintains many of the most sucessful greens in West Lothian which every year host the Hamilton Trophy home games.
These include Queensferry Bowling Club, Kirkliston Bowling Club, Broxburn Bowling Club, Linlithgow Bowling Club to name but a few.

Raymond has been a keen bowler for approximately 30 years and knows exactly what is required for a good playing surface and strives for perfection on all his greens.

He is available to meet with you to have a discussion and give quotes without obligation for all of your bowling green needs.

Please call him on 07766-666548 or send an email using the contact form below.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call us at the numbers below, or by email using the contact form.

Queensferry Greencare Ltd
80 Sommerville Gardens , South Queensferry , West Lothian , EH30 9PW
Tel: 0131 331 2152
Mob: 07766 666 548

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